Wandering around the Nuuksio National Park


As great nature lover I enjoy strolling around slowly in the wilderness, listening to the songs of the various birds, looking at the wild animals moving around in the forests, picking up berries, taking a swim in a forest pond and feeling the warmth of the sun. All of those I consider to be the staples of the Finnish summer. The ideal Finnish summer from the memories of our childhood. This summer, so far, has been one of those.

Since I have a summer place near the Nuuksio National Park, I decided to take a walk to the park. This time I was feeling courageous, so I took a walk through the forest instead of walking along the marked pathways. For beginners that might be quite risky, since it’s super easy to get lost in the seas of green. But for more hardened hikers it can be a great pleasure, just make sure that you have enough water, perhaps some snacks,  a map and/or GPS to make sure you don’t stray too far into the depths of the woods.

Mustalampi, a lake in the Nuuksio National Park

The Nuuksio National Park is full of rocks, trees and various sized ponds and lakes, with basic infrastructure network consisting of barbecue areas, cafés, toilets, camping places and water fountains.  The park also has various marked paths of various lengths and difficulties so you can follow the beaten paths easily.

Highly recommended for people interested in nature, even if you’re not too used to  being in there. Especially for creative minds this place provides serendipity and space for inspirations. This is an easy, but rewarding place not too far from Helsinki, making it an ideal day-trip destination. In case you want to stay for longer, you can take a tent with you and camp in the forest, or you could stay at the nearby Hotelli Nuuksio which you can find from Booking.com (registering for the first time via this link gives you (and me) 15€  bonus.)