New year new gear

Some updates from me. I finally opened my own personal website and blog here at, and I want to welcome each and everyone who has found their way here today.

I have joined a startup called HydraForce this September where I will function in the role of marketing and sales manager. It will be an interesting journey for sure as I have been interested in the world of start-ups for a long time.

Our main product is a vitaminized rehydration drink powder which is a very effective way to prevent and battle the┬ádehydration caused by alcohol and caffeine consumption, the microclimate in the airplanes, saunas, hot & humid climates and traveller’s diarrhoea. And finally, although HydraForce is not a sports drink, it can be used for that purpose as well.

Please check our new website designed by me at and in case you want to become an affiliate or a business partner, feel free to contact me!

HydraForce enjoying the Hanko sun